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Recently I packed for a family holiday in Majorca.  As a rule I am excellent at organizing these things, and indeed three of the cases were packed beautifully.  My own however was sadly lacking in beachwear.

Standing in front of the full length mirror I surveyed my decidedly un-sylphlike figure. What was needed here was an objective analysis…easier said than done, but really just a matter of perspective.

Bracing myself, I considered such things as the balance between my bust and hips, how much if any of a waist I had and the length of my body compared to the length of my legs.

This done I was able to stop procrastinating and set about finding the most flattering beachwear available. As always, my first point of call was Google.

Eagerly I typed in ‘beachwear for the fuller figure’ and waited expectantly. Well, the next three hours are still a blur. There was so much contradictory information I thought my head was going to explode.

big bathing suit

It’s Time To Call For Back Up

Realizing the error of my ways, I decided to call for back up- my two best friends, both of them with equally curvaceous but very differently proportioned figures, and one of them with a lifetime’s experience in fashion. We set about our mission to come up with a definitive list of beach fashion that really rocks.

Like something out of Sex in the City, the three of us hit the High Street, the shopping malls and the markets, leaving bikinis and bathing suits quaking in our wake.

Taking notes along the way, and photographs if we thought we could get away with it, we studied our combined research over a light supper and a large glass of wine. The next morning, unable to face any more shops, I went back on line and ordered exactly what I needed for my holiday.

Considering the amount of effort my friends and I put into the research, we felt we should share it with the world. Here then, are our vital statistics and details of the most flattering styles for each of us.

Georgie has a large bust and a waist that goes straight down into her hips. She went for powder blue bathing costumes in halter neck style, under-wired for support but non-padded.  This took emphasis away from the bust and gave her the appearance of a longer body. She preferred the costumes with ruching over the abdomen which kept the focus off the chest even more.

A pair of strappy heels (which would have to come off before actually getting on the beach), had the effect of making her legs look longer and gave her “an entirely elegant feel”.

A large brimmed straw hat, accessorized with a powder blue scarf trim pulled the whole look together.

Taz is a plus size pear shape. She is five foot six with narrow shoulders, average bust, a hint of a waist and ‘childbearing’ hips. (Oh, how she loves those childbearing hips!)

We emphasized the bust by choosing a two piece with molded and padded cups up top, and sarong style bottoms in bright fuchsia. (Paler colours were less flattering as she did not have much of a tan).

Finishing off the ensemble with a plunging neckline white Kaftan, a pair of fuchsia strapped wedges and a bold fuchsia and white striped beach bag, the effect was stunning.

Me: My body is ‘frumpy’, and frumpy is ok for work, or taking the children to school, but on holiday it just won’t do…I want to be SEXY.

I had determined that my best features were my waist and shoulders, whilst my worst were my belly and legs.

I chose a steel blue, bandeau under-wired tankini, loose fitting around the middle but emphasizing the bust and fully displaying those shoulders. A small floral design on the top stopped the focus being drawn to any one area. The full briefs were comfortable, and for added modesty I complemented the tankini with a pair of optional harem pants.

Finally, we all agreed that the essential holiday fashion accessory was a tan, so off to the pharmacy I went for a bottle of the good stuff…case fully packed.

Happy holidays everyone!

If you have any plus size holiday packing tips please share them in the comments.

Author of The POISE Archive fantasy series and ghost writer of various self-help books, Jacqueline works full time as a counsellor and lifestyle advisor. She is married with four children.

Plus Size

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Busty Women

Many busty women find it extremely difficult to shop, look fantastic, and feel comfortable when dressing the way they want to. This is quite normal, in fact, and can be easily changed with just a few different techniques to really help you achieve your look. So many girls that would not consider themselves “slim” are starting to be able to get certain styles, without having to spend hours inside a store. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you can look great in your own fashionable way.

Stop Dressing To Your Figure

The best thing women can do is not try to hide that fact that she has curves. You should embrace this, and use this attribute to stand out. Bright colors that coordinate aren’t necessarily a distraction, but a fashion that you can work with to bring out the look you truly want to convey. Remember, that it’s all about creating your own style. Take advantage of this and dress in what you want, not what doesn’t fit.

Wearing Stripes

Stripes are a great way to either conceal or show curves in a very comfortable and fashionable way. Anything from a nice blouse, dress, or skirt will be fine as long as you don’t buy them too loose or too tight. Wear commanding colors such as black or dark blue with white stripes always. This can easily be turned into nice evening attire or even exceptional office wear. Bold colors bring out your features and define them in a very sexy and classy way.Roza-Grace-Brief-grace_black

Skirts and Shirts

The most important part of busty women’s clothing happens to be how you wear your attire. There are many different key attributes that can give yourself a truly defined comfort that you’ve never had before.

  • Slimming Skirts – Many women are starting to go with skirts because they can be worn over the belly. This is a great idea because you can hide the least sexy features. Pencil skirts are well known for bringing out the best of curves, while also slimming down the stomach drastically. These particular skirts also provide an essential smooth detail that can be quite noticeable to you and the others around you.
  • Shirts That Work – When it comes to wearing the right shirt on a certain day, remember this: your clothing in general needs to be so that it isn’t tight, but also not so loose that it’s sagging like previously mentioned. Wearing different color tanks underneath not only defines the colors of your outfit, but also slims down your overall figure, if worn correctly. Try to wear shirts that colors truly bring out your skin tone as well.

Wearing Clothes That Are Comfortable

Overall, just imagine exactly what you are looking for in a style and just go with it. Don’t try to wear clothes that you think will not look good on your figure type. You should feel like you are able to wear the clothes and certain looks you without any worries as long as you feel comfortable in your own clothing.


Janet Matthews is a leading expert on clothing for women who are a little above average in weight, and devotes herself into companies like to ensure that women are comfortable in their own clothing.

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Go for Luxury this Year with Wolbar Lingerie

As we enter a brand new year we tend to clear out the old to make way for the new.  This is commonly done with regards to many aspects of our lives such as, decorating, buying a new car, changing jobs and moving house are to name but a few. We as busy women tend to forget all about subtle changes to our own lives that can make such a great difference to our confidence in our work lives and indeed our love lives.  How many of us tend to wear the same faded underwear year after year, neglecting the need for us to wear luxury next to our skin, only considering external appearances?


Why not make it a New Year’s resolution to cast away the grey and faded underwear in your drawer and make way for the luxury of Wolbar Lingerie.  You will be surprised how the beautiful fabric, construction and design can instantly make you feel special, confident and attractive.  Wolbar Lingerie specialises in developing the most exquisite thongs and knickers in sophisticated designs that will succeed in providing the luxury you deserve.

Vive la Revolution!

We have the French Revolution to thank for the introduction to knickers, until then women wore heavy skirts and petticoats and didn’t need to cover their lower regions until the style of clothes became more sheer and closer fitting.  Ladies’ knickers have evolved over time to look like the panties we are familiar with today. In fact it would seem that the style of clothes and the relaxation of how much skin is allowed to be seen in modern women have reduced underwear from being large knickerbockers to thongs that are simply lacy additions to ladies’ bottoms.   Fortunately for ladies every where Wolbar Lingerie has a style and fit to suit everyone.

Wolbar Panties

Wolbar Luxury

The Wolbar Lingerie range is so varied that you can have luxury underwear for all occasions.  Want to spice up your love life in a tasteful and sophisticated way you can wear an additional garter to give you a look akin to a French maid, which is quite fitting considering the origin of knickers in the first place.  If you feel that you need to have a little more support – then don’t despair , Wolbar Lingerie has thought of you by providing a beautiful delicate support pant that will enhance your silhouette under your special dresses.  Don’t forget classical lace ranges or indeed if you really want to change your underwear drawer – how about a frivolous thong or G-string that will certainly send your sloppy grey knickers running for cover.

wolbar short


When it comes to lingerie, everyone deserves to treat themselves to a little decadence. Your body will thank you for choosing the highest quality fabrics and fibres. Whatever you preferences and underwear needs– you will be delighted when you look at the Wolbar lingerie range because you will definitely feel the difference when you wear luxury next to your skin.


Sian Hamer is an author with a passion for luxury underwear. She loves the feel of high quality fabrics against her skin and loves the fine designs of Wolbar Lingerie

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