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Plus Size Beachwear

  Recently I packed for a family holiday in Majorca.  As a rule I am excellent at organizing these things, and indeed three of the cases were packed beautifully.  My own however was sadly lacking in beachwear. Standing in front of the full length mirror I surveyed my decidedly un-sylphlike figure. What was needed here […]

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Swimwear Trends – Making a Splash

The swimwear options available in 2013 include many current trends. Designers have combined different styles that range from traditional to modern. Swimwear can be found that is lively to types that will fit various tastes and body types. The goal of a designer is to create a style that is attractive and trendy for each […]

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The Return Of The Swim Dress

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about warmer days ahead. Perhaps some of you are even busy planning your holidays. You might be thinking about what swimwear to choose too. There is such a fantastic choice out there to suit every figure that these days we’re spoilt for choice. Spare a thought […]

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