Stunning Underwear – Choosing Lingerie to Suit Your Body Type

Kim Rodrigues is a fashion expert and a party animal. in this article she shares her thoughts about choosing stunning lingerie:

Of course, you want to turn him on the moment he gives you his seductive stare from afar when he sees you in that sexy lingerie. But this special moment can be a real turn off if you do not know how to choose the right lingerie. Instead of letting this moment pass like any other, it makes perfect sense to put in some effort in picking up stunning lingerie that make enamored by your charm for years to come.

The right lingerie should make you feel and look hot and confident. However, for this to happen, you must know how you can pick the right lingerie that fits your body type perfectly? Given below are a few factors that you can consider when you’re choosing the lingerie for an amazing night with him:

Comfort areas of the body – Decide which part of the body you love and want to expose and which one do you wish to cover. Once, you have zeroed on your favorite spots as well as the trouble making areas, it is time to select lingerie according to your body type.

Fabric – It is essential to go for the right fabric. If you have a larger frame opt for heavier fabrics while those who have slimmer frames can go for flimsy fabrics.

Shape in question – If either the top or the bottom of your body is heavy, opt for a two-toned look.

Colors and style of lingerie – Choose a dark-colored piece for the heavier part and a light-colored piece for the smaller part. This will synchronize your body look. Women who have thicker middles can go for high waist panties, although shorts are also a good option to improve the appearance of this area.

An array of lingerie styles are available nowadays that can suit any body type. All you need to do is to be persistent while hunting for the one that suits your body type. Remember that compromising on your lingerie can be a real deal breaker with some guys. It may not sound fair but this is how it is.

Sure, it can be a little tiresome at times to find just the “perfect” lingerie. But you’ll soon know how well worth the effort it is. So, just get your lazy bum out of those sheets and go some lingerie shopping to take your relationship up a notch.

Kim Rodrigues is a fashion expert and a party animal. In her free time, she makes adult Halloween costumes. She often sends great contemporary party invitations to all her friends once a year and loves throwing themed parties every now and then.

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