Lingerie Gift Shopping Guide For Men

Lingerie can make a great gift for a wife or girlfriend, but many men are unsure of where or how to purchase an intimate gift for their sweetheart. There are several things to consider when purchasing lingerie, such as personal style, lingerie brands, and proper sizing.

Choosing Lingerie That Reflects Her Personal Style

With so many styles of lingerie to choose from, purchasing lingerie for a woman can seem like a daunting task. One way to decide on the right lingerie is to consider the woman’s personal style and the type of lingerie she already owns. You can then make your purchase based on what she already owns. This is the safest way to ensure she loves her gift.

Some women love sexy lingerie that features lots of lace and other frills. Other women prefer to keep their choice of intimate apparel simpler. It helps to already know the sort of lingerie she prefers, but if you are unsure you can always strike up a conversation about what styles she likes the best.

If you are still confused on which lingerie to choose from, relax! Women appreciate the effort and thought it takes for a man to buy a lingerie gift for her. Even if it is not her usual taste, she will love wearing something you have bought especially for her.

Buy Lingerie from Her Favorite Store

In addition to personal style, most women have a favorite lingerie brand or store that they repeatedly go back to. If you have never paid attention to apparel tags, it may help to discreetly sneak a peek at the tags of her bras or nighties.

There are a number of stores and brands to choose from. Some popular names include Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood, which are found in most large shopping malls. La Perla is a more upscale store, with finer fabrics and an array of styles. While more expensive, boutique shops like La Perla are perfect when shopping for a special occasion.

While you may find it uncomfortable to walk into a lingerie store alone, the salespeople are used to men coming in to purchase gifts. Salespeople can use their expertise to provide trusted opinions and helpful hints on buying the best items for a wife or girlfriend. You may even see other men shopping in the store as well!

Find the Right Fit

An important part of buying a lingerie gift is choosing the right size. Again, if you do not know your wife or girlfriend’s bra and panty size, you can look at the tags of lingerie she already owns. Knowing the right size makes it much easier to buy lingerie she will love.

If you are not able to check the sizes of her lingerie, another option is to look at a tag on a dress or pair of pants from her closet. While you may not be able to buy a bra or panties just from this size, it may help the salesperson to determine an appropriate size for a nightie.

Include a gift receipt for your wife or girlfriend. If the lingerie is the wrong size or style, she can then return it to the store for a correct-fitting item. This is the best way to give her a special gift she can enjoy and feel wonderful in!

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