Look Gorgeous In Harem Pants

We often see these tall girls on the streets, gushing away in style in billowing harem pants and wonder if harem trousers are only meant for models. Well girls, come out of your reveries! If accessorized the right way, these trousers can look sophisticated and chic on any woman.

harem pants

However, most women find themselves clueless when it comes to picking tops, jewelry or shoes for these pants. The reason is that these pants have a very non-structured design, which is difficult to incorporate into one outfit. Hence, even if we find the perfect harem pant that fits us, we are at sea when it comes to dressing up these pants with the right top or belt. Here are some tips that will help you in your endeavor to dress up in harem pants.

  • Accentuate the waist: The whole purpose of harem pants is to accentuate the waist and make it look slimmer. Wear tops that are short with thin belts around the waist to enhance this look. Strapless or noodle strap tops look very good with these trousers. You could also opt for short cropped jackets to go with this look. Long jackets do not look good with these pants, though you could try long shrugs or cardigans.
  • Wear strappy sandals or heels: The effect of the harem pants is best realized if you wear strappy heels or gladiator sandals. Steer clear from slippers or simple flats. Higher the heels, better the look, but if you are not comfortable with heels, embellished sandals are also an option.
  • Long tops and tunics are a no-no: The drape around the hips and knees in harem trousers with voluminous flaps gives the illusion of a well-rounded figure and a thin waist. Long tops or kurtas tend to take away this effect and hence must be avoided. Short or a little midriff baring tube top is a fantastic option when it comes to harem pants.
  • Chunky, eye-catching jewelry: Harem PantsAccessorize these trousers with big and chunky jewelry like large bracelets, oxidized neckpieces or silver strings. You can also wear a shimmering belly-dancing belt for an Arabian look. Chokers and animal design jewelry is a very popular accessory that people wear with these pants.
  • The right fabric: The effect of harem pants is best understood if they are crafted from flowing fabrics. Hence, the best fabrics to opt for are cotton, jersey and silk. The fabric cannot be too stiff, like starched cotton or too thin like chiffon. For the perfect drape choose a fabric that drapes elegantly and effortlessly. Cotton harem pants are elegant, drape nicely and can be aptly accessorized.

When buying the pants, all women should experiment with the accessories and tops that best suit their body type. It is difficult to get it right at first. With harem trousers, you have to take part in a lot of trial and error before you get the right harems, the right jewelry and the perfect top to go with it.

Vartika is a fashion designer at online shopping portal Rajrang. She loves writing about women clothing, accessories and home decor products.

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