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The Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week is one of Brazil’s most spectacular fashion events. This year proved no different with the host city displaying a myriad of bold and brightly coloured fashion items for the oncoming 2013 summer season. The highlight of the event was the swimsuit fashion, which ranged from itsy bitsy bikinis to flowing bar-side garments. Brazil’s premier swimsuit fashion designers ruled the catwalk because let’s face it; the city is made for sunshine, sand and beautiful bodies.

Before selecting your next high fashion swimsuit item, be sure to take notes from the Rio de Janeiro fashion week to get up to speed with the hottest swimsuit fashion trends for women.

Summer 2013 Hottest Swimsuit Fashion Brands

The 22nd May marked the first day of the Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week’s five day extravaganza. In that time, fashion enthusiasts were spoilt for choice as the most spectacular varieties of swimsuit fashion graced the catwalk. Top swimsuit fashion brands that showcased their finest works included Blue Man, Lenny, Oh, Boy!, Reserva, Va-va-voom, Tryia and Cia. Maritima. Here’s the inside scoop on these red hot swimsuit fashion collections.

Blue Man Swimsuit Fashion Collection

The swimsuit fashion label Blue Man is already a popular brand amongst Brazil’s finest. For the summer 2013 collection, designers used bright neon colours and dangerously low V necks. Definitely made for the uninhibited, Blue Man also showcased a precarious high leg swimsuit fashion item with a hipline that begins just short of the bust.

Oh Boy! Swimsuit Fashion Collection

Designer Daniele Schwartz made her Rio Fashion Week debut this year with her east-inspired pieces. Fascinated by the oriental culture in general and Tokyo’s innovations in particular, Schwartz brought the east to Rio’s fine shores in the form of Japanese swimsuit fashion.


Triya Swimsuit Fashion Collection

Many swimsuit fashion blogs argue that Triya had the most outstanding and memorable collection from the Rio swimsuit fashion show. Fox news reported that many of the items looked more like something you would wear to a beach party thrown by a billionaire as opposed to the beach.

The swimsuit fashion designs sported bold purples, blue and violets mixed in electric patterns. The brands famous fringed bikini pants coupled with psychedelic splashes of colour were also on display, as were long sleeved cropped spandex tops. Stunning accessories ensured that the models glittered from top to toe, not that they needed too much help, after all they are swimsuit fashion models from Brazil.

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