Setting The Mood With Sexy Lingerie

Get in the mood with see through knickers, stockings and much more

Give your partner a thrill and make yourself feel sexy and desirable with some fabulous lingerie.  Ladies are spoilt for choice nowadays with the range of lingerie on offer, super small to plus size lingerie is readily available both on the high street and the internet.

Tantalise and titillate

See through knickers are becoming very popular due to the face that they cover you and are comfortable yet offer a tantalising glimpse of what is underneath. You can get mesh panties with tie sides.  These are a great option as they cut across the stomach, detracting the eye from the areas you might not be too happy with and look very feminine. You can find these type of panties in the g-string design as well as full cover panties. Some panties have lace backs to add a little volume to your bottom whilst looking very sexy. Well fitting panties will flatter your shape and make you look good. A tiny g-string isn’t for everyone, it can be quite unforgiving so perhaps some knickers with a little more material would make you feel better and more confident, something that is always welcome in the bedroom.

see through knickers

Not too long ago women’s lingerie was somewhat restricted to some stockings and perhaps a basque. Not anymore though, now you can find crotch less knickers, peep hole bras, see through knickers, body stockings, baby dolls, corsets and lacy thongs next to the more sensible every day underwear.  Take stockings for example, before you could easily find fishnet stockings, stockings with seams down the back and even lacy stockings but now stockings with bows, tassles and lace tops are all available to spice up your evening!


A red and black basque with suspenders

Get that alluring shape with a corset

Corsets are very popular with ladies of all sizes because they are so flattering.  A good corset will hold your waist in, push up your cleavage and lengthen your legs. Coupled with some quality ribbon top stockings and a sexy thong, you are ready to look great and feel wonderful. A steel boned corset will last you for many years, as it is made to keep its shape.  Cheaper corsets have the unfortunate tendency to form the shape of your rolls of fat, a look that no one will be happy with. A steel boned corset will keep you in shape and not bend, so is definitely a worthwhile investment.

secret society

Looking sexy in a green corset

Current lingerie trends like body stockings aren’t for everyone but if you are feeling bold a see through body stocking is sure to get your partner in the mood. Covering yet revealing, it comes with strategically placed slits meaning you can get straight down to business. The same with baby dolls, mesh material skims your curves yet reveals your best assets underneath.


Looking sexy is no secret thing…..

So if you are looking to get your partner, or indeed yourself in the mood why not treat yourself to some sexy lingerie. Plus size lingerie, extra small or just regular is now available everywhere and can really get you both in the mood.

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