Sexy Tankinis and Swimwear Ideas

Dress up your tankinis this summer to keep them flirty and sexy!

Brian Hyland’s song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” says it all. What is cute and attractive during the summer is a two piece bikini, not a tankini. However, not all of us feel comfortable baring almost our entire figure and some of us know a tankini will just flatter our figure better.

However, tankinis don’t really come in many patterns, colors and are plain old boring.

Sex It Up

A tankini is best for women who want to cover their tummy and show off their great legs, bum and upper half.  The reason why people don’t think tankinis are sexy is because there is no stomach action going on. However, if you purchase a tankin that is made from thin material or mesh, it will give you that sex appeal.

Stay Away From:

  • Baggy takini tops that flare out at the edges. This will make you look big.
  • Tankinis with ruffles. Again, this will make you look big and you are probably wearing this suit to look smaller.
  • Skirt tankini’s and dress tankini’s, which will make your thighs and hips look wide.

Basically if something looks too big on you, don’t buy it. You don’t want to get a tankini that is too tight, but if you get a tankini that is too big or has extra fabric, you are going to look like you are wearing a trash bag top.

Instead Try These:

  • Tankini’s with push up halter tops. This is going to accentuate your bust and bring the eye up, not down to the mid-section.
  • Cut outs will attract the eye to different sections of the body, which will reveal a little without revealing too much.
  • Patterns! Patterns are fun and spice up those boring tankini’s, and they give you more of a youthful look.

Try to find tankini tops that are original looking, fit well and give you that summer time look.

Bottoms Up!

Now the best thing about tankinis is that you can pair one top with multiple bottoms. So, if you purchase a black and white patterned tankini, you can wear a variety of different bottoms. This means you only have to spend half as much as those fools buying bikinis, and you can try out new looks all summer long.

This summer the new high waist bottom is in, think retro 70’s, and it will flatten your tummy and accentuate your bum. Definitely try this bottom out with a cropped top tankini. Another bottom that is making heads turns is the cheeky Brazilian. It covers more of your bum than the normal bikini bottom, but shows just enough to be playful.

Tankinis can be just as sexy as bikinis if you know how to pair your pieces. Look for things that are different, like see through tops, cut outs, embellishments and pair them with cute bottoms all summer long. You can also wear accessories with your tankinis, like belly chains or belts, two things that girls in bikinis can’t try.

No matter what suit you wear, remember, the thing that will make you look the sexiest is your confidence and smile!

Gabriella L is a writer for a great place to buy unique looking tankinis

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