Figure Control With Shapewear Lingerie

Shapewear has become very popular in recent years for hiding lumps and bumps that may show under clothing. Control shapewear is used to help smooth out a person’s appearance, allowing them to look slimmer instantly. This helps give them a seamless appearance, helping to hold in problem areas so that the clothing fits beautifully. There is a wide variety of control shapewear available, with many women praising these undergarments for helping them look slimmer and feel more confident.

Control Top Pantyhose

One of the most popular control shapewear items is control top pantyhose. These are worn with dresses, business suits, and skirts. They closely resemble regular pantyhose, helping legs look smoother with an evener skin tone.  Not only do they work to make the legs appropriate for an office or formal setting, the shaping control helps slim and firm the abdominal area while also shaping the hips and waist. The light amount of control makes these one of the easiest shapewear pieces to wear.

Shaping Briefs

For better tummy control, shaping briefs are available. These briefs are worn like underwear and can be worn under any type of clothing. This type of control shapewear is more slimming than control top pantyhose. Different brands feature different levels of control, from moderate to more extreme. Shapewear briefs help the tummy, rear end, and hips look trimmer and more toned. Some may even have a higher rise that helps nip in the waist.

Unitards and Bodysuits

Unitards and bodysuits are types of control shapewear that offer great control for many areas in the body. They can help hold in the stomach, enhance the rear end, nip at the waist, slim the hips, and enhance the bust. Longer unitards may also help shape the thighs. These pieces usually offer more control than other types of shapewear.

Shaping Tanks

Shaping tanks, tees, and camisoles are also popular. Tees and tanks can be worn by themselves, while camis are worn under shirts for a smooth appearance. These are popular to wear to prevent bulges at the waist. Shaping camis come in different levels of control, from moderate to a more binding shape that has extra control.

Shapewear is very popular and is a best seller in many lingerie shops and department stores. Since there are so many different options, it is easy for a woman to find what works best for her. She may have to try on different brands and styles in order to get the control in the areas that she is wishing to target. While most shapewear is comfortable and breathable, those with more control may be slightly less comfortable to wear, as they work overtime to help the body look slimmer and more toned by compressing fattier areas. Even with high compression, shapewear is still wearable without hindering a woman’s daily activities.

Control shapewear has been touted by many women as being a miracle worker. Many women may choose to wear these types of garments for special occasions. Others may choose to wear it more often under their everyday attire. No matter when a woman chooses to wear shapewear, she will love the instantly slim look that she can achieve.

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