Swimwear Trends – Making a Splash

The swimwear options available in 2013 include many current trends. Designers have combined different styles that range from traditional to modern. Swimwear can be found that is lively to types that will fit various tastes and body types. The goal of a designer is to create a style that is attractive and trendy for each person. Reviewing the latest trends showcased in 2013 will offer options for anyone who wants to be fashionable while soaking up the rays.

High-Waist Styles

This is one of the biggest trends in 2013 for fashionable swimwear. Many designs are a retro throwback to a 1950’s pin-up style. Two-piece suits feature high waist options that provide a retro vibe which is sure to be noticed by beach goers. Petite people can choose swimsuits that offer more coverage area than common bikinis and other two-piece style suits. Certain styles will also have ruffles on the bottoms that provide the appearance of a short skirt.

high waist swimwear

Shoulder Emphasis

Previous trends for bikinis featured a slim style. Trends in 2013 showcase styles that will cover up more areas of the body.

shoulder swimwear

Certain styles of suits will now cover the upper arm and shoulder. Suits which have an emphasis on the upper body will focus attention to the shoulder area and upper arm. The purpose is to provide women with an appearance that is more balanced for their figure.

The One-Piece

This is the year designers are showcasing more styles of one-piece swimsuits. One of the most popular trends in 2013 is to cover more of the body. The options for a one-piece have increased along with the availability of both a strapless and geometric style. There is a type of 1980’s feel for women who have an interest in color.

Fringe and Ruffles

This year designers have put an emphasis on ruffles and fringe. These features appear on bikini tops, bottoms, cover-ups, and one-pieces. However, this trend is not ideal for everyone.

Ruffled Swimwear

These styles tend to make women appear bulkier than normal when at the beach. However, the appearance of ruffles and fringe on swimwear is a great way to balance the figure. Many elements are an embellishment to change the look of a basic suit.

Motifs and Prints

Solid colors are part of the more popular designs for 2013, but the addition of prints offer more variety. There are motifs ranging from sea-inspired to prints that are animal-inspired. Suits for 2013 also include prints that are whimsical. A design may have a zigzag print or a print with a vertical presentation. Women who are petite now have many print options available instead of selecting a solid color design.

The Cover-Up

One interesting swimwear trend in 2013 is a swimsuit cover-up combination. The designs will provide an option to avoid wearing both a suit and separate cover-up at the beach. Designs can even be used as a dress when shopping or strolling along the boardwalk. Styles of cover-ups include pullover, pants, and shrugs.

This year in swimwear is no longer all about the tiny string bikini. Instead, retro-inspired and highly detailed swimsuits have taken over in 2013. These new fresh styles offer more cover with just as much sexy. Whether you go vintage or modern this summer, toss out the string bikini and enjoy your new tan lines!

Today’s guest post was contributed by Amanda Sani, creative writer for Delish Swimwear. She is originally from sunny San Diego, California and spends her free time reading Game of Thrones and exploring the beach.

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