Why Stockings are Sexy

Stockings are now connected with sexuality and seduction much more often than to their original functionality in keeping the legs warm and covered. Stockings and other legwear have come a long way since the middle ages when they were only worn by men because women didn’t show their legs at all. A lot of generations passed before seamless stockings were invented and before pantyhose were worn. While many people transitioned to pantyhose so they wouldn’t have to fuss with garter belts and the like, stockings certainly are have a certain appeal, don’t they?

Why are they so sexy? For most people, the appeal comes in the whole package. Legs are a focal point when you wear stockings as it draws attention to them, especially if you’re wearing something sheer. Add a heel to accentuate the legs and the derriere and you’re getting even more attention!

Leggy Sex Appeal

One of the things that makes them so sexy is the flash of a little bit of leg or of the garter. With a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, they needn’t ever become a boring article of clothing. They help you look and feel attractive. They can hide flaws, can help create a leaner-looking and longer-looking leg, and many guys see stockings as an instant aphrodisiac – an effective way to get someone’s attention and keep it!

Stockings – Go Beyond Beige and Black

Today you’ll find more variety in stockings and related legwear than ever. There are countless designs and patterns and an endless palette of colours to choose from, too. Here are some tips to maximise the appeal of an evening when you’re about to model a new pair of sexy stockings for your significant other:

  • Set the overall mood in the room. Stage the room with soft lighting, soft music, and sensual fragrances, which can all help increase the appeal (although your mate might be driven crazy enough as it is by the sight of your legs alone!). A messy room can suck the seductive value down a notch. A little effort could yield great results.
  • High Heels. Nothing helps accentuate legs better than a pair of sexy high heeled shoes. You’ll find a variety of sexy high heels that can help you show off your legs in the best light possible. Can’t walk too well in heels? Don’t fret; you probably won’t have to walk far once your love gets a look at you! Tip: Don’t forget to go with sandal foot hosiery if your shoe lets your toes peek through!
  • Thigh high holdups are a great option to wear without the fuss of garter belts. And you can find more great colours and styles than ever. Pay attention to sizing so you don’t wind up wearing holdups that strangle the tops of your legs (or that slide down on you!)
  • Want your legs to look longer and leaner? A back seam helps with that. Make sure you dress with a full length mirror so you can be sure to get your seams straight

Sharon Hurley Hall writes for Pamela Mann, a great place to check out some sexy stockings.

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  1. Lilibeth says:

    One more thing about stockings- they make you look more vixenish (unless you opt for white). Also stockings reduce the look of cellulite.

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